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November 17th, 2008 (01:03 am)

Alright, I know it's been a while since I poked this journal, but I figured I'd wait a while to see how things panned out.  Basically I have a new therapist/counsellor... this is my 2nd one in about a year.  She's more knowledgable, but all in all ineffectual.  Basically she is telling me that the kind of help I need is beyond the scope of what the school's counselling services can offer.  She is basically saying that I am at this stage now where I am smack in the middle of figuring myself out and deciding how/when/and to what extent I want to transition from David to Sara or some femme identity.  Even though I know it's all up to me anyway, I could have used more insight and suggestions from her-- but she claims that's more for what the community can offer rather than her.

Her only definitive advice seems to be for me to go out there and find the LGBT community and make some connections.  To my surprise, of the friends I have talked to about my situation, quite a few of them are connected to transgendered folks (some FtM's mostly, with a few MtF's).  I have yet to meet anyone yet in person, but am trying to free up some of my schedule for that.  The counsellor did recommend I try visiting the Rainbow Center at UConn and sort of circulate there if I can get transportation squared away.

Of course things have been crazy with my grandfather being in the hospital for clogged arteries and kidney issues and so on.  He's not exactly in the best of shape.  His screwed up diet and smoking have finally caught up to him I guess.