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Back From Vacation - Back on Campus

September 11th, 2008 (11:17 pm)

Back on campus from the summer of total isolation.  Imagine a world with no cable television, no phone service, and no internet.  That world was mine for 3 months.  When I got back on-campus, the school's network was in bad shape.  No telling when I will be able to use instant messenger or go web surfing in the privacy of my own room again.  It could take months someone said.

My classes look easy enough as I plan out my graduation or graduate options.  I am still gearing up to be a teacher still- only question is where will I teach and how soon.  I for one would love to teach in Japan!  I am working towards that goal as I continue to work on other goals like self-improvement and self-development.

On that topic, my therapy is not going in the directions I was anticipating and I am feeling the need for a fresh start and fresh perspective.  I need a therapist who can handle my specific needs and has real experience working with transgendered indidivuals.  I just cannot compromise on that.  I feel I have to be tough in that regard.

I am also poking around various communities and websites for more information (and online shopping for pretty tights and things).  I am trying to decide some things related to broadening my circle of friends and broaden my understanding of being transgender.  I am a little disappointed that I am feeling alone in all this and that my friends are generally backing away from me as if I had the plague.  But, I am pre-hormones, pre-surgery, and in 99% of the case pre-everything else.  I don't look femme at all.  Only on rare occaisons when I have total privacy might I "girl it up."

On the subject of privacy- I am having an internal debate or argument over the prospects of off-campus housing versus the convenience of living on-campus, close to where my classes are and everything else.  Off-campus housing may or may not be cheaper... off-campus would likely mean high cost utillities and internet service... a commute to classes in shady neighborhoods... but total privacy would be the bonus.

I figure I have to start looking for a place anyway if I am doing graduate school in a year or two. 

So much to do, and so little time it seems.